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Barn built in 1800s taken down by strong storms

Posted May 16, 2018 7:03 p.m. EDT

— One of the hardest hit areas in New Haven County was the town of Bethany.

Neighbors, said they've never seen anything like the weather that came through on Tuesday, or the damage that was left behind.

Across town, there are trees down everywhere. One tree crew even said it could be weeks before everything gets back to normal.

A family farm that has been in business since the 1800s in Bethany had its barn leveled by the storms.

It was built in 1840.

Lars Demander, an 8th generation farmer with Bethany's Clover Nook Farm, said he and his parents were trying to close up one of their nearby greenhouses when the storm rolled through.

"The other greenhouse lifted up and landed on top of us, all the hanging baskets were raining down on us. Luckily we got out. Mom and dad almost ran into here to take shelter in this barn, luckily they went to the porch," Demander said.

"It just hit. We ran towards the house, just as we ran towards the house, this happened. Everything was flying around you, running with your head cover just to get in the house," said Debbie Demander, of Clover Nook Farm.

The fast-moving storm leveled the barn, which now houses a bunch of equipment.

Lars said one tractor is okay, but another one is totaled.

Nearby, a chicken coop was picked up left in pieces, but the little shack housing for their lambs was spared.

Amazingly, Lars said all their livestock is okay.

The family which grows and sells vegetables says this is a busy time of year for them, but instead of tending to their crops, they're now faced with a long and daunting clean up.

"It's going to be a lot of work, we're going to try and do what we can with the farm, but it's going to take a while," Lars Demander said.