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Back to School: To the parents of kindergartners

Posted September 1, 2014 8:25 p.m. EDT

A kindergartner not happy about heading to school.

Transitions can be tough for everyone. Beginning of new, ending of old can be a time for anxiety, uncertainty and anticipation of what is coming.

However, when my child was headed to kindergarten, I assumed that since I have been in education for a long time, I was an old pro. My child was going to love school and would be a model student. Kindergarten was going to be the BEST!

And then … day one actually happened. My son, who loved preschool, did not transition well to kindergarten at ALL. I kinda think we might have had one of the worst cases (at least compared to Facebook friends with lots of happy kindergarteners!). It has taken us six weeks, lots of tears, and just a little bribery to get him adjusted.

To all the parents of kindergartners out there starting school this week, good luck! I hope your transition is smoother and less emotional than ours. In the course of the past six weeks, we finally had a morning without tears ... and we are about to track out!

Here are some thoughts I have had lots of time to consider for my traditional school friends:

1. Dreams of your child skipping happily into school might be dashed
2. Tough love does not always work
3. Chasing your child down the sidewalk when the bus drives up is very amusing to the neighbors
4. Behavior charts will not be considered by a screaming child
5. Your child might not be fit for public when they get home in the afternoon
6. Children know how to slide from one end of the car from the other trying to get away from you
7. Your reflexes are important in wrestling a child out of the car
8. You might be that parent carrying a kicking and screaming child to their classroom
9. Kindergarteners can negotiate with their dad to take the day off from work to avoid any more school battles (almost happened!)
10. Self-induced sickness can occur. After a day of rest, the teacher and I determined he was JUST fine to return to school!

So we are about to go on a three week break and I am a little concerned with our transition when we return back. Lucky for us, we know there will be an end to it and hopefully shorter this time! We know we have a great teacher, who is understanding for our son. I hope everyone else has children skipping off to the classroom!

Lissy Wood is a Triangle mom of two and founder of Wake Gifted Academy, which is schedule to open in July 2015 for kindergarten to fifth grade.