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Babywearing Tips: How to hold baby safely in carriers

Posted October 30, 2012 8:33 p.m. EDT

I introduced Meredith Sinclair, a mom of two and volunteer with Babywearing International of the Triangle, on Monday.

She is part of a group that offers regular gatherings on carrying young children in slings, mei tais, wraps and other carriers. They also offer a lending library where the group's members can check out a carrier for a month to give it a try. Since not every carrier fits every family perfectly, it's a great opportunity to try on a variety before landing on the one that works best (and shelling out the money for it).

Safety is the top priority for the group when it comes to babywearing, as the practice of carrying babies in carriers is called. So Sinclair offers some safety tips in this video.

Top rules: Always protect baby's airway and carry baby "high and tight" as you would if the infant was in your arms.

To learn more, watch my video interview with Sinclair. For many more tips, go to Babywearing International of the Triangle's website.

Sinclair will be back Wednesday with another tip.