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Baby Steps: Table for two

An intimate Valentine's Day works as a respite for Christine and her husband.

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Christine Bowley
Christine Bowley

My husband and I are not big on romance. Our gifts to each other are often presents that we both want – something we need for the house or something fun we both will use. In fact, we’ve never done anything fancy on Valentine’s Day. My husband usually says, if he wants to take me to a nice dinner, he wants to do it of his own accord…not because the calendar tells him to.

I’m not into that kind of stuff anyway, which is why we work.

This V-day was a little different. It wasn’t over the top, but we actually went to a classy restaurant and sat at a candlelit table for two. Never mind that it was a table in the bar because the place was all booked up. And ignore the fact that the “candle” was not actually wax and fire, but instead a flickering battery powered light.

For once, we took our time. I sipped a glass of wine. He nibbled on an appetizer of Ahi tuna - his favorite. We ignored the clock and just enjoyed each others’ company. I even lost myself enough to forget the dogs waiting at home. It was incredible.

We got home late (for a woman who goes to work at 4 a.m. these days). And I struggled to drag myself out of bed after just a few measly hours of sleep. But it was all worth it. I love my husband and I was glad to be reminded of that … without taking in all the background noise.

Christine is the weekday noon news producer at WRAL-TV. She lives with her husband and three dogs. Christine is chronicling her experience as she and her husband struggle with infertility. Find her here on Fridays.

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