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Baby Steps: Surprises

I learned many things in a few short days in the Rocky Mountains.

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Christine Bowley
Christine Bowley

We spent our anniversary weekend celebrating a new wedding with friends and family we haven’t seen in years – some since our own wedding two years ago! As the groom so kindly reminded us during the reception, we all felt blessed to be together in the same place. The next time that happens … it might not be until one of us has a funeral! (Thanks Chuck)

Part of the fun was getting to travel to a place we’d never been. We went to a town called Estes Park about an hour and a half outside Denver. Neither my husband nor I had ever been to Colorado even, so the sights were that much more awesome to our virgin eyes.

I learned many things in a few short days in the Rocky Mountains:

1. While driving, beware of elk, prairie dogs and numerous cyclists in the road.
2. The dry air is worse than the altitude. My skin and hair are still recovering.

3. It seems most folks ditch the lawn mower for a more ‘natural’ look – and it works!

Something else I never knew until visiting Colorado … my husband has an adventurous streak! While I’ve been white water rafting a number of times – and hoped we could go while on vacation - I assumed we’d never make it. My husband usually chooses the couch over a walk through the park with the dogs at home. He humored me a few times when I would talk about it, but I never thought he’d follow through.

Boy was I wrong. Not only did he get up at 6 a.m. on vacation. Not only did he ride in the car for an hour and a half with someone else at the wheel. Not only did he squeeze into an already damp wetsuit, fleece, splash guard and helmet. He went white water rafting with us down the Poudre River and – when it was all over – he said he was happy he went. I promise you, at the beginning of that whole process, I questioned whether he was happy we’d even met!

Life’s full of little surprises.

Christine is the weekday noon news producer at WRAL-TV. She lives with her husband and three dogs. Christine is chronicling her experience as she and her husband struggle with infertility. Find her here on Fridays.



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