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Baby Steps: Getaway

Posted May 5, 2011 8:25 p.m. EDT

My little cousin is getting married!

We have always been close, but I also wish we could’ve been closer. She is in New Jersey and I’ve been in Maryland, Florida, North Carolina … you get the idea. I will still have the pleasure – in a few short weeks – to stand by her as one of her bridesmaids.

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of going up north for her bridal shower. And it was quite an affair! I could barely keep up.

Envision 50 women shoved into a room at a nice restaurant with wedding crazed 20-somethings screaming for silence so we could play the next bridal game or order a glass of wine. I had a blast and for the first time I saw my little cousin as a woman. She was so much better than me at the gracious greetings – hug and kisses and small talk – even for some of the guests she barely knew. She’s the closest thing I have to a little sister and I was gleaming with pride.

This weekend visit was actually the first time since my own wedding that I’ve gotten to see that whole side of the family. Which means it was also the first time I’ve really spent time with my family since my husband and I learned about our family struggle. Luckily, this weekend, the focus stayed on the bride-to-be … as it should.

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