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Baby Steps: Feelin' lucky

A wish for good ole St. Patrick.

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Christine Bowley
Christine Bowley

My husband was born on St. Patty’s Day so I’d like to think we have some luck on our side. He’s also Irish and has “branded” himself as such. Needless to say, the Bowleys definitely take pride in this particular day.

And it seems fitting. No matter which path we choose, it will involve plenty of GREEN. We’re still pinning down exactly how much we’ll be coming out of pocket for a round of in vitro vs. adoption.

Right at this point, though, most of our efforts have slowed considerably. He is planning one last ditch test and appointment with his doctor, though neither of us is counting on that to change much. Our last appointment with a fertility specialist confirmed any change there would likely not be enough that we can plan on getting pregnant without help.

Our plan now is to make a decision after I graduate with my Master’s Degree. At this point – with just a few weeks left – it doesn’t make sense to stack this on top of my growing end of semester responsibilities.

In the meantime, maybe a stroke of good luck will make all the decision making and planning a mute point.

Christine is the weekday noon news producer at WRAL-TV. She lives with her husband and three dogs. Christine is chronicling her experience as she and her husband struggle with infertility. Find her here on Fridays.


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