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Baby crying? How do you cope?

WRAL-TV reporter and Go Ask Mom blogger Amanda Lamb will have a piece tonight on shaken babies and how to prevent it.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

When I gave birth to my younger daughter nearly eight months ago, there seemed to be a new push to educate parents about how to cope with a crying baby.

I took home from the hospital a DVD about the "Period of Purple Crying," along with some pamphlets and other literature. I'm lucky that both my daughters have been pretty easy babies. But, especially when they were really little, there were moments when I just wondered if they'd ever stop crying. (And if you're wondering about that right now, they do.)

WRAL-TV reporter Amanda Lamb, who you can find here on Go Ask Mom every Monday, has a piece at 6 p.m. tonight on WRAL about shaken babies.

Last year, 300 children died in the United States from being shaken according to a study done by UNC. In North Carolina, 80 babies suffered traumatic brain injuries from being shaken.

Doctors say the key to preventing these tragedies is educating new parents about how to deal with crying babies.

In the piece, Amanda talks to one mother who learned this lesson the hard way.

Click here to see a promo for the piece.

How did you survive those early days with all the crying?

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