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Baby AJ to get kidney Wednesday; Tyler Perry buys family new car

Posted November 22, 2017 4:32 p.m. EST

— Baby AJ's mom, Carmellia Burgess, has been depending on the kindness of friends and relatives to get her son to his dialysis treatments three times a week, for three hours a day.

It's all because she and her family were involved in a crash several weeks ago. No one was hurt, but the family car was totaled. Because of this setback, they've had a tough time getting AJ to his appointments.

Now, thanks to Tyler Perry, Burgess won't have to rely on others to get from place to place.

The visits are crucial to keep his blood clean and give him much needed antibiotics to prepare him to hopefully receive what was going to be his dad's kidney. The accident was just one more hiccup in Baby AJ's saga.

Since the initial report, Burgess says AJ will receive a kidney Wednesday morning from a deceased donor.

"It's a lot of frustration and pain, especially seeing my son in this situation," AJ's dad, Anthony Dickerson said.

AJ is going back and forth to dialysis to stay strong and get ready for transplant surgery. As we have told you over the last several months, Baby AJ's story has touched people all over the world.

Perry stepped forward to help Baby AJ's family to get him to medical appointments. Perry brought Burgess to tears by gifting her a brand new car, a potentially life-saving gift that the family will never forget.