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Ask the Duke Medicine Expert: Andrew Berchuck, director of gynecologic oncology

Dr. Andrew Berchuck treats patients with ovarian, endometrial and lower genital tract cancers and also conducts research.

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Dr. Andrew Berchuck, MD, is director of gynecologic oncology at Duke and holds the F. Bayard Carter Distinguished Professorship. In addition to treating patients with ovarian, endometrial (lining of the uterus), and lower genital tract cancers, he conducts research on the molecular-genetic alterations involved in ovarian and endometrial tumor formation.

Berchuck recently completed a term as president of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists, the leading organization of gynecologic oncologists in the United States.

We asked Berchuck to discuss what progress has been made in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gynecological cancers, and what the future holds.

Go to the full post on DukeHealth.org to read about progress made in preventing and treating gynecological cancers and the next steps.

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