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Ask Anything: 10 questions with Hurricanes' Goalie Cam Ward

Posted November 18, 2008 5:00 a.m. EST
Updated July 13, 2018 2:03 p.m. EDT

Editor's Note: WRAL sports reporter Jason Jennings interviewed Cam Ward on camera and asked him the following 10 questions. Read the transcript below or watch the interview.


When the horn sounded at the end of Game Seven when you clinched the Stanley Cup, what was your first thought? – Kim Banks, Raleigh

Wow, we did it! There’s a lot of thoughts that run through your mind at the time. You think about the hard work you put forth to get to that point. I couldn’t help to think about my family and what they went through to get me through minor hockey and give me the opportunity to play. You know, basically thanking a lot of people, the people that helped me get to that point in my career.


What are some of your superstitions or rituals on game days? – Shannon, Raleigh

I don’t like to look at them as superstitions. I guess I look at them more as a routine. With that being said, if I don’t stick to my routine, it’s not like I’m going to get flustered or anything like that. I think that superstitions, they can get in your head a little bit. And, as a goaltender, I don’t want anything else bothering me. Just the usual routine: a pre-game meal, maybe a quick nap and just get to the rink early. I guess I do get to the rink early.


What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in life? – Carrie, Bunn

Ooh, that is deep. I guess one of the first things that I went through was moving away from home when I was 17, playing my first year in juniors with the Red Deer Rebels. You know, it’s a pretty young age to be able to move away from your family and move into some billets (dorms). Another married couple took me under their wing and let me stay at their house. That was a learning experience for me. I’m very thankful that they were very good people and helped me along the way.


Cam, who would you say is your funniest teammate? – Patricia Hudson, Wilson

Chad LaRose, no question about it. I don’t even have to think about that one. He’s a hoot. I’ve had the privilege to room with him for 2 ½ years and there’s never a dull moment in that room.


Cam, what is it like to get hit with a slap shot in the mask? As a former softball catcher, I am interested in your perspective about getting hit with a frozen piece of rubber. – Kara, Fuquay-Varina

(Laughs) Well, it’s never fun. To tell you the truth, if you get hit head-on, it actually doesn’t hurt that much. You really don’t even feel it. It’s when you flinch and turn your face and get it in the side of the face that it really can rattle your head get the ears ringing.


What's the worst injury that you've gotten on the ice? Did you continue to play or did you "bite the bullet" and keep going? – Jamie D., Raleigh

Worst injury on the ice I guess would be, ah, I don’t even know if it was last year or two years ago. When we were in New York, just during the second period against the Rangers we had a play where [Brad Isbister] from the Rangers came into the crease and sliced a skate on my knee and cut my knee open. But, it was such a clean cut that it didn’t really feel like anything, but as I looked down, you could see the muscle. I guess we had to wait until the next whistle to get off the ice.


As a goalie, when your opponent is blocking your view is there any smack talking going on between the two of you? – Catherine Ellington, Henderson

(Laughs) Ah, no, not really any smack talk. Obviously, there are some huge guys in this league that can plant themselves right in front of you. It’s definitely tough for me to see. I don’t really like talking smack to the other team. I don’t want to make them any more mad than they already are to score on me.


I have a 2-year-old son who LOVES hockey. We are Canes season ticket holders and he is dying to get on the ice. He plays hockey in my living room 24/7. Is it too early to get him started skating? How old were you when you started skating? Did you always want to be a goalie? My son stops some pretty good shots for a 2-year-old. – Jackie Minas, Cary

I think when I started skating was right about that age, was about 3 years old. Obviously, it’s a little bit easier being a Canadian, you know, living in the winters that we have. I learned how to skate, actually, on the outdoor rinks. It was a lot easier for us growing up to be able to start skating at a young age. It sounds like the (little) guy likes the game. It’s never too early, I don’t think, as long as he enjoys it and has some fun with it.


On the back of your mask, there is a cross displayed there. Is this a symbol of your faith? And, also, how has your faith helped you get through bad times in a hockey season? – Brian, Kenly

It is a symbol of my faith. I am a Christian. You know, it does help me get through the ups and downs of life of being a pro hockey player. It’s first and foremost in my life and hockey comes second. To be able to put that on my mask is just another reminder for myself.


Outside of your professional career, what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment? – Kimberly Lee, Warrenton

Um, (laughs), ooh … what outside my career is my biggest accomplishment? Um, I guess I got a beautiful wife, to be able to get married at a young age and find that one. We’ve been dating ever since 17. So, before any of this fame happened, we were together right from the get-go. I guess that would be one of my biggest accomplishments. She’s going to be happy I said that. (smiles)

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