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Ask Anything: 10 questions with Actor Barry Williams, aka 'Greg Brady'

Actor Barry Williams answers your questions about "dating" Florence Henderson, staying in touch with Christopher Knight and much more!

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Actor Barry Williams, aka "Greg Brady" from The Brady Bunch
Was the Brady Bunch family anything like your real family? – Etta Alston, Louisburg

Well, not exactly, see I don't think ANY family is like the Brady family. I am the youngest of three boys and grew up in an all American middle class way but what family communicates and supports and does all the groovy things the Brady's did??

Out of all the cast and crew of The Brady Bunch, who do you stay in contact with the most? – Teresa Bonlak, Raleigh

Christopher Knight. I love my whole Brady family but Chris and I have the most in common. We have gone on vacations, camping trips, competed in tennis together. He is a great guy. I beat him in tennis.

What was your most difficult challenge during the taping of the Brady Bunch and what was your greatest reward? – Kim R., Cary

The hardest part was the working hours. Arriving at 6:45 in the morning until 6 or 7 at night. The greatest reward was bringing the words on pages of the script to life and making it believable.

Is it true that you dated Florence Henderson? – Stephanie Young, Knightdale

Well ... sort of. I did go out on a "date" with Florence when I was turning 16 and she was, well around twice that age. I definitely had a crush on her but it wasn't "going anywhere" if you know what I mean. We went to see a singer at a night club and talked music all night. Did I mention she was married and has four kids of her own??

As an adult, has it ever been difficult for your teenage years on "The Brady Bunch" to be rerun over and over again? Most people have their family albums out every once in awhile. Yours is on non-stop for millions. – Terry, Rocky Mount

It was strange for me for the first few years after we stopped filming the show. I was done with it and wanted to move on. I only resented the character when it interfered with getting new work. I became very active and successful in musical theatre and as time went on and I juggled between theatre and TV and singing I made my peace. Then I wrote a best selling book called Growing Up Brady and I was grateful again for the show.

I read Maureen McCormick's book describing how she was drawn into the world of drugs and how it almost destroyed her life. How were you able to avoid the same fate? – Michael Long, Raleigh

I wasn't trying to live down or live up to my character like Maureen seemed to be. I have always kept my focus on the work and that gave me a sense of stability.

When you did the Brady Bunch episodes where you sang songs like "Sunshine Day," etc., was that really you guys? If so, did you get singing lessons ahead of time? – Thad Noe, Bunn

Yes, we sang our own songs. You can't get professional singers to sound like that – ever listen to the theme song? However most of the time when we were recording, Christopher Knight's microphone was turned off.

Hi. I enjoyed watching The Brady Bunch growing up! When I was in high school we had to memorize Shakespeare Sonnets and lines from his plays. I found that very difficult. What was your method to memorize your lines on The Brady Bunch and did how long did it take. – Michael Crane, Raleigh

Well, the Brady Bunch and Shakespeare are not exactly the same (although Robert Reed wanted them to be). For me there is no "trick" to memorizing ... it is all about repetition. But doing a couple or three pages of dialogue, not monologues or Sonnets, flows pretty naturally.

How did you get into acting at such a young age? Where was the show filmed? Which was your favorite episode to film? My three boys love to watch the Brady Bunch and they wanted to ask these questions and coincidentally we were watching episode 51 when I saw your name on WRAL. – Gavin, Raleigh

1) I studied with a coach at 11 years of age in group and private lessons, interviewed for and got an agent and made the rounds. I was both lucky and committed. I also grew up in Los Angeles, which helped.

2) Paramount Studios Stage 5 Hollywood, Calif., except when we were at King's Island the Grand Canyon or Hawaii.

3) Favorite episode to film: all three Hawaiian episodes. Why? I am at heart a surfer ---- dude.

What is something that you've always wanted to do, but haven't had the chance yet? – Jennifer Howell, Goldsboro

I am a student pilot very close to getting my private pilot certificate as I write you. I have flown in an F15 an F18 I have done a tandem parachuting jump, out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 ft, with the famed Golden Knights of Fort Bragg. What's missing ... I would really like to take off from and land on an aircraft carrier in a fighter jet. I know it sounds very Johnny Bravo. But I plan to make it happen. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest and great questions.

Editor's Note: Barry also included this message: "Hello to my friends in Raleigh and Goldsboro, home of Seymour Johnson AFB, where I was made an honorary citizen earlier this month."
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