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Armed man, neighbor confront school bus driver they say was speeding

Posted October 31, 2017 6:01 p.m. EDT

— An armed man and his neighbor have been arrested after they stopped a school bus that they said was speeding.

Fifty-eight-year-old Clifton Hamby and 60-year-old Kerry LeSaicherre stepped in front of the school bus on Little Prairie Road, where both men live.

One of the men had a handgun strapped to his waist, according to the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office.

Louisiana is an "open carry" state, meaning it is legal to carry a gun in public without a license as long as the gun is not concealed.

Hamby and LeSaicherre confronted the bus driver, who they say was traveling at a high rate of speed with children inside the bus.

The unidentified bus driver told police the bus was traveling at the posted speed limit before the two men stepped into the road.

Hamby and LeSaicherre were both arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and simple obstruction of a highway, according to the APSO.

They were booked into the Ascension Parish Jail and released on bond.