Apps to block those annoying robocalls

Posted April 4, 2018 11:21 a.m. EDT

Tired of those annoying robocalls from unknown numbers?

A crop of smart phone apps could help kill the problem.

– Robokiller has the ability to block calls from more than 100,000 sources. Developers continually update a database of known spammers to help cut down on unwanted calls by up to 90 percent in the first month. Robokiller has a free trial for iOS but users have to sign up for a subscription to continue; developers are working on a version for Android.

– Truecaller identifies spammers automatically before you pick up the phone. The app also lets you enter phone numbers to look up details about the caller. iPhone and Android users get a free trial but need a subscription to continue using the service.

– Hiya Caller IS and Block tells users who's calling. Users can create their own block lists and do a reverse phone search to look up unfamiliar numbers. Hiya is free for iOS and Android devices, and no subscription is required.

One of the newer forms of spamming is where the telemarketer uses a number with your area code and prefix so it looks like it's from your neighborhood. These apps can help with those, too.

The best thing to do, though, it to not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.