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Apex police search phones for evidence in fatal domestic shooting

Posted January 10, 2018 10:44 a.m. EST

— As police continue to gather evidence in the case, an Apex man was indicted Tuesday in the death of his wife on the day after Thanksgiving.

A grand jury indicted Michael Anthony Maher, 44, on a charge of first-degree murder in the Nov. 24 shooting death of 38-year-old Nadia Maher in the couple's home on Walden Glade Run.

Police initially ruled the shooting accidental because Michael Maher told investigators a shotgun went off as he was moving it. But they later arrested him in the case because he and the couple's children gave different accounts of what happened that night.

Apex police last week searched cellphones belonging to Nadia Maher and the couple's daughter for evidence in the case.

According to the application for the search warrant for Nadia Maher's phone, she and her husband had "an extensive history of domestic violence in Louisiana and Florida," and she obtained a protective order in 2012 in Louisiana.

Court documents obtained by WRAL News show that Michael Maher was indicted in 2015 on on charges that he choked his wife in front of three of their children at their home in Broussard, La.

The search warrant application states that investigators found some photos in the Mahers' Apex home documenting Nadia Maher's domestic violence injuries that had been taken by a friend of hers in Louisiana. The investigators wanted to check her phone for photos, videos or other evidence of ongoing domestic violence in the home.

Investigators searched the daughter's cellphone because her account of the shooting kept changing, and then she refused to cooperate with police.

"[She] had told a classmate the next day a false story about her and Michael going duck hunting the day of the incident, which resulted in Michael having the gun out," the search warrant application states.

The girl was texting and calling people from the police station the night of the shooting, and after learning her mother had died, she badgered police to get her phone back, even having other people call and stop by the police station to request that the phone be returned to her, according to the warrant application.

"Due to [her] conflicting statements and her uncooperative attitude, it is believed that she may have evidence of this crime on her cellphone," the application states.

Michael Maher remains in the Wake County jail without bond.