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Apex man uses $1 million lotto win to buy wife designer purse she's always wanted

Posted January 28, 2019 1:39 p.m. EST

A $1 million lottery win meant an Apex man was able to fulfil his wife’s dream of owning a designer purse.

Michael Mieszanek bought the winning “Merry & Bright” scratch-off ticket at a Speedway on Trawick Road in Raleigh.

“I just sat there in disbelief,” he said of winning. “When I saw that you could win $1 million, I never thought I’d be the one to win. It’s surreal.”

Mieszanek claimed his prize Tuesday and chose to accept the lump-sum payment. After taxes, he will take home $424,503.

In addition to saving for retirement, Mieszanek said he plans to use some of the money to buy his wife the Chanel purse she has always wanted.

“Owning a Chanel purse has been on her bucket list for years,” he said. “I tried to get to a used one for Christmas, but it didn’t work out. In fact, the first thing she asked me when I told her I won was, ‘Does this mean I can get a new one now instead of a used one?’”

Mieszanek is the first person to win the $1 million top prize on the $10 “Merry & Bright” scratch-off ticket since it launched in November. One $1 million top prize remains.