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Apex Man Drops Lawsuit Against Wake Schools

Posted May 26, 2007 2:28 p.m. EDT
Updated May 27, 2007 10:33 a.m. EDT

— An Apex man suing the Wake County Public School System because his daughters are assigned to two different high schools has decided to drop the lawsuit.

David Bailey said he and his wife, Rhonda Bailey, opted to let the decision stand, because the continued fight with the Wake County Board of Education was having an impact on his family, he said.

"I can plainly see a distance which has grown between members of our family as only time, distance, and differing goals can create," Bailey wrote on his family's blog.

The issued centered on school reassignment needed to fill two new high schools. At the time, as a rising 10th-grader, Brittany Bailey was required to go to the new Holly Springs High School while Amber Bailey, an 11th-grader, was to remain at her old school.

The Baileys argued reassignment prevented their daughters from attending an early morning religious class essential for the family's Mormon faith.

School board members decided not to make exceptions for separating siblings because it would have been difficult to fill the new schools.

David Bailey said in his blog post that he told the school board only a week earlier that he would drop the suit if the girls could attend school together next year.

It was at least the sixth time the board denied his request, he said