Anti-amendment campaign continues pushing domestic violence theme

Posted April 30, 2012 9:27 a.m. EDT

It's Monday, April 30, which means there are eight days to go before voting wraps up on the constitutional amendment defining marriage. The big news of the day may come when each side of the campaign officially report their first quarter fundraising numbers. 

But the anti-amendment Coalition to Protect All NC Families is beginning the week with a new television ad emphasizing their argument that the amendment will interfere with domestic violence protections for unmarried couples of all genders.

The ad features Wake County Assistant District Attorney Amily McCool, who prosecutes domestic violence cases. It features McCool sifting through a mountain of domestic violence files.

"Amendment One could take away protections for domestic violence victims," McCool says in the 30-second spot. 

Pro-amendment forces have said this claim is over-blown, adding that North Carolina's domestic violence laws are different from states such as Ohio where this has been a problem. 

Here's the ad: