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Another round of relief could be on the way - here's what an average NC resident could get with $600

Using the United Way of North Carolina's baseline of what it calls a self-sufficiency standard, we're looking at how far $600 could go for an average person.

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Ali Ingersoll
, WRAL data reporter

Less than a month's worth of groceries, around 75% a rent or mortgage payment, one car payment a few tanks of gas -- that's what $600 could get the average North Carolinian.

That's the amount Congress approved for most Americans as part of the second stimulus package.

This was calculated by the United Way of North Carolina. The organization has a baseline of what it calls a self-sufficiency standard so what a family of four on a budget spends in a month. 

This second package signed by Congress comes after one in March where most Americans received $1200 in government funding.

A survey by the U.S. Census Bureau shows how many spent the money. More than half, 59%, used the money on food, 45% on utilities, and about a quarter on rent, a car payment or mortgage.


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