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Andrew Cuomo rules out 2020 presidential run

Posted November 27, 2018 12:24 p.m. EST

— Cuomo 2020? Not so fast.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a frequent mention in the line-up of potential Democratic presidential contenders, says he is ruling out a run.

"I am ruling it out. I ran for governor, I have a full plate, I have many projects. I'm going to be here doing the job of governor," Cuomo told WNYC's Brian Lehrer in a radio interview. "I am governor of New York and I have a lot to do."

Earlier this month, New York voters re-elected the governor to his third four-year term.

On the campaign trail this summer, Cuomo had said he would serve the four-year term, with one exception: "The only caveat is if God strikes me dead."