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Amidst his grief emerged something sweet; Superhero Micah lives on

When he's in the kitchen, Maurice Ahern is at ease.

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FORT WORTH, TX — When he's in the kitchen, Maurice Ahern is at ease.

"My favorite cheesecake?" he asked laughing. "Right now, it's probably this one."

He pointed to his freshly made espresso cheesecake, but when it comes to cheesecake there's no bad option for Ahern.

If you recognize his name, you might realize there's something special about that espresso cheesecake and all the other confections in his collection.

"Not only is this going to put a smile on your face when you taste it," Ahern said. "It's going to put a smile on your heart because you know you're making a difference."

Ahern's son, Micah, spent about three years as a local celebrity. He was the youngest member of TCU's baseball team, a light in the lives of both players and fans, and he suffered through childhood cancer.

That last one never defined him.

"Anyone who knows Micah's story knows that Micah loved to smile," Maurice reminded us.

When Micah died last August, it dimmed the light of the family, but a unicorn cake he was asked to make flipped a switch.

"When I saw the smile on her face, it was like Micah was there," Ahern said.

A longtime dream suddenly had a purpose. Maurice started Gold Ribbon Confections. That gold ribbon reps childhood cancer awareness.

"Every month I'll give a percentage of the money and help different organizations that helped our family," Ahern said.

Places like the Superhero Micah Foundation, Make a Wish, Kidd's Kids, and others can give to other families because of these cakes, pies, and rolls.

As for Maurice?

"There'll be moments where, yeah, I remember Micah and I feel sad, but there are moments where I remember Micah, and there's joy because I'm able to continue what Micah had a way of doing and making people smile," Ahern said.

Life's messy sometimes, but why not help Maurice make the ride as sweet as possible?

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