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All-time great hockey player honored at West Haven game

Posted January 11, 2018 11:04 a.m. EST

— On Wednesday night, the West Haven High School hockey team retired the number of one of their all-time greats.

"He was a goal scorer, he was a playmaker, he was an unbelievable hockey player," said Herb Johnson about Rob Fumiatti.

He said Fumiatti deserves all the acclaim and was the perfect teammate.

"Just a tremendous guy. You can see by the showing tonight how special he was," Johnson said.

Wednesday's ceremony at Bennet Rink wasn't just about honoring Fumiatti's career at West Haven, it was also about remembering and memorializing what he did with his life once he stepped off the ice.

As a New Haven police officer, Fumiatti became a role model around the world after he was shot in the face in 2001. But he battled back to and returned to the department.

Sadly though, he lost his life five years later after health complications that stemmed from the shooting.

Wednesday was the 11th anniversary of his death, but his family said he doesn't feel far away from Bennet Rink.

The game is even more special because Rob later coached West Haven's opponent of Wednesday's game, Amity High School.

His old teammate Johnson, who followed him and became a New Haven police officer, says all this would make rob smile.

"He's up there looking down on us and he's just so proud," Johnson said.