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What's on Tap

All the single ladies? Apparently most of them are in Durham, Raleigh

Posted March 13, 2012 12:58 p.m. EDT

Single and ready to mingle? Well, if you are looking for eligible ladies you don't have to leave the Triangle. 

Men's Health recently named Durham (No. 7) and Raleigh (No. 8) in its list of cities with the most eligible women. 

They used Census data to determine the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of women with a college education and the percentage of gainfully employed single women. They also looked at the number of women who work out.

See the entire list here

The top picks were: Washington D.C.; Portland, Maine; Boston; Seattle; New York and San Francisco. 

The place with the fewest eligible women? Las Vegas 

This news might explain why we always see so many people out partying in the Triangle. Check out our Party Pics to get a look at the action.