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AG works to get compensation to crime victims

Posted July 13, 2009 3:17 p.m. EDT

— The state Attorney General's Office plans to step up efforts to get restitution payments to crime victims, Attorney General Roy Cooper said Monday.

Under a state law passed in 1998, which Cooper sponsored as a state senator, crime victims are supposed to be first in line for payment when criminals pay restitution to the court. Instead, over the past 10 years, money paid by criminals appears to have first gone to government costs rather than to victims as restitution, he said.

“I’m shocked that crime victims have been forced to wait behind the government before getting the funds they deserve,” Cooper said in a statement. “Our task force will help crime victims get the money that belongs to them.”

Cooper set up a task force in the Victims and Citizens Services office to help crime victims receive their just compensation. The task force will work with the Administrative Office of the Courts and clerks of court to help get victims the money they are entitled to receive, he said.

Crime victims who need help getting court-ordered restitution can call Victims and Citizens Services at vcs@ncdoj.gov or 919-716-6780.