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After Shot: See how our makeover winner looks now!

It was a big week for our makeover contest winner with a school graduation and date night planned. Luckily, she was looking great for all of it!

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

It was a big week for Brittney Switala, the winner of Go Ask Mom's Month of Mom makeover contest, last week. Her older child was graduating from fifth grade. Her younger child was finishing up kindergarten. And she had a date night planned with her husband.

And thanks to Glam Lounge, One Chic Mama and Dress, Switala was looking good for all of it. We had Switala's before shot yesterday. Click here to see it. Here's what she looks like now after Dawn Carrington and Debra Goodyear of Glam Lounge took over and updated her hair and makeup.

"I'm exited to keep this look," the Wake Forest mom told me. "I hope that I can reproduce this!"

To help her out, Glam gave her a couple of bottles of its own product line. They were its GLAMsuperstar, a gel-mousse volumizer that adds volume from roots to ends but doesn't feel sticky, and GLAMilluminate laminating gel, that adds shine and smooths frizzies. The product line works with all types of hair.

The after shot for Brittney Switala, a mom of two in Wake Forest and winner of Go Ask Mom's makeover contest.
The before shot for Brittney Switala, Go Ask Mom's makeover winner and mom of two.
Switala, the afternoon host on the Raleigh-based Christian radio station His Radio 88.5 FM, said she's already put into action many of the tips she learned from style coach Michele Little of One Chic Mama. Though Switala works mostly from home, she's found that she's dressing up more - fewer shorts and sneakers and more sandals and skirts.

Of course, in some cases, she doesn't have much of a choice. Little cleaned out the pieces from her closet that weren't working for her.

"That's what she left in my wardrobe!" says Switala. "The good stuff."

To learn more about the makeover, watch the video. Thanks so much to Glam Lounge, One Chic Mama and Dress for all their help. And a big thanks to Switala, who was a great sport through all of it as we juggled calendars and scheduling! You look great!

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