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After Shot: Mom of Teens made over

We showed Mom of Teens blogger Mari Taylor's before shot yesterday. Here's how her makeover with Glam Lounge turned out!

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
As I wrote yesterday, Mari Taylor, who writes the Mom of Teens blog here monthly on Go Ask Mom, was gracious enough to submit to a makeover with Glam Lounge.

And here's how it turned out! Salon owner Dawn Bender Carrington cut her short hair even shorter, coloring the "natural highlights" and giving it some spikes. Stylist Debra Ferro Goodyear did the makeup, even including some fake eyelashes.

And she's keeping it. In fact, the makeover inspired both Mari and her daughters. Here's what Mari wrote about it:

"When I got home from the makeover, my husband was a bit surprised. The new haircut is quite the departure from anything he's ever seen me with. He kept looking at it. I think he was trying to make up his mind about everything. After a while, he decided he liked the hair. He's not a big makeup person, so he wasn't in love with that at first. However, as the day wore on, he came around. He decided he liked me with makeup after all. My daughters loved it all the minute they saw me. My 16 year-old was in love with the fake eyelashes. In fact, as a result, when she was invited to junior prom, she wore her own fake eyelashes!

I sent a picture of the new look to my mom and sister. My sister initially said, 'Wow that looks a lot like Mari! But she'd never have that hair style and wear that much makeup.' Gotcha! My mom and sister were pleasantly surprised, but think the look is fabulous on me. Everyone that has seen me loves my new spiky hair. I hear tell it matches my personality. I've actually taken to maintaining some of the makeup. I've decided I like looking a bit, well, a lot more polished. I've received so many compliments about the entire look. Now I think I need to work on making the wardrobe match the rest of the wonderful work that was done. Thanks to WRAL and to Glam Lounge for making me look and feel fabulous."

Thank you Mari! Here's a look at her before and after shots.

Mari Taylor, Go Ask Mom's Mom of Teens blogger, after her makeover with Glam Lounge.
Mari Taylor, Go Ask Mom's Mom of Teens blogger, before her makeover with Glam Lounge.
Of course, a lucky Go Ask Mom winner will get all this and more in our Month of Mom makeover contest. Click here for details and watch out for it on Thursday!

And watch the video to hear from Dawn, Debra and Mari.


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