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After Attacks, U.S. Mail, Parcel Services Experience Delays

Companies that built their reputation on guaranteed overnight delivery for now, have no guarantees.

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RALEIGH — Companies that built their reputation on guaranteed overnight delivery for now, have no guarantees.

Federal Express and United Parcel Service expanded their ground network of package delivery when the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all flights. Even though the federal agency is lifting that ban, pending security clearance at each airport, the delivery companies expect some delays as they reposition aircraft.

Deliveries to parts of Manhattan may continue to be limited.

With the air travel situation, a lot of people are also worried about how regular mail is moving and whether bills and other important correspondence will make it to their destinations on time.

The mail is moving, but not as fast as it normally does.

"It needs to get there by Monday the 17th I'm hoping it's going to get there," postal customer Pat Gilliard said.

But Lou Eldridge, who runs the U.S. Postal Service's Raleigh distribution center, said except for mail going to Manhattan, there is only a short delay.

"We're moving all of the mail. By merely taking it out of the air and putting it on the ground transportation,it is coming just a little bit later, maybe a day longer than normal," Eldrige said.

Eldridge said extra trucks were contracted as early as Tuesday afternoon and have been running around the clock ever since. Customers like Faith Bahri are glad to hear it. But, also expect creditors to be understanding.

"They will get to the post office and they will get it, finally But they know what's the situation," Bahri said.

Banks and credit companies told WRAL they are taking the situation in New York into consideration. Most said if you normally pay your bills on time, and this month's payment is a couple of days late, they will wave late fees. But if you are not in good standing, they will not wave fees.

Also, Citibank is waving its normal $10 fee for what it calls C-Pay, where you can call and have your checking account drafted that day for payment on a particular credit or mortgage account.

Many other creditors are taking similar steps. Call yours to find out for sure.

But since the mail is moving, even if a bit slow, it should be delivered to it's destination on time.

If you do not receive your bill in the mail on time, it is still due, and it is your responsibility to contact your creditor and find out how much you owe and where to send your check or money order.

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