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Active shooter training puts Womack Army Medical Center to the test

Posted May 4, 2017 6:25 p.m. EDT
Updated May 4, 2017 6:48 p.m. EDT

— An active shooter training drill at Fort Bragg Thursday put the Womack Army Medical Center to the test.

During the drill, the gunman made his way through the Robeson Medical Clinic. It was up to security guards to find and stop him while medical personnel from Womack worked to save the lives of the wounded.

"He came in the door and shot me dead right in the chest," said Michele Webb of the gunman.

Webb is a nurse at the Robinson Medical Clinic. She was one of 68 people who were wounded during the simulated shooting rampage.

"My hand got stomped on from the active shooter," said Chris Russel, a Fort Bragg soldier. "People started running away. I tripped and got my hand trampled on."

During the training, 15 of the 68 injured people were killed. It was up to security to track down the suspect, who was going room to room looking to shoot more people. He was finally stopped in a back hallway by a barrage of bullets.

William Russel, who played the gunman, is also a security guard in real life. He said during a real situation, people in the building have to take steps to keep themselves safe.

"Lock a door...I went in some rooms that weren't locked," he said. "Some rooms had barricades behind it, but they still didn't lock it."

It has been nearly five years since Fort Bragg had a real active shooter on post. Lt. Roy Tisdale was shot and killed by one of the soldiers under his command.

"With all the PTSD and our environment...patients and family members going through what they go through," Webb said. "It could happen at any moment, at any time, and it's important to do this kind of training."