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Active shooter drill held at Happy Valley hospital

Posted May 21, 2018 2:36 p.m. EDT

— A Happy Valley hospital was swarming with firefighters and other emergency responders Sunday as part of an active shooter drill.

The drill took place at the Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center. Clackamas Fire District #1 worked with hospital staff to simulate a mass casualty situation and even had actors in realistic makeup to play victims.

Responders and hospital staffers said these exercises are extremely useful.

"We're testing out our policies and procedures and our ability to communicate both inside and outside and with our community partners. So, a little bit of everything today," said Kimberly Galey, Kaiser regional emergency preparedness coordinator.

Josh Santos, medical services chief for Clackamas Fire, said, "This is a unique opportunity to work with these partners at Kaiser Permanente and figure out their policies and procedures in the event of a mass casualty incident or an active shooter activity."

Clackamas Fire says they have more training events like this planned for the future.