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A week after Harnett student's Trump shirt gets him kicked out of game, school has new principal

A week after Harnett Central High School Principal Cindy Gordon asked a student to leave a football game or take off his Donald Trump shirt, she has been replaced, a schools spokeswoman said.

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Gilbert Baez
, WRAL reporter & Natalie Matthews, WRAL.com editor
DUNN, N.C. — Harnett Central High School is under new leadership following an incident involving a student at an October 5 football game, according to public information officer Natalie Ferrell.

Matthew Collins showed up to the game against Lee County High School for a patriotic night wearing a red, white and blue jersey with President Donald Trump's name on the back and the number 45 — referring to the fact that Trump is the 45th president.

Collins' father, Michael Collins, said his son was approached during the game by then-principal Cindy Gordon. He was told that in order to stay at the game, he would need to take the jersey off. Matthew Collins was also given the option to leave.

Trump shirt

"He was not grandstanding," Michael Collins said. "He was just minding his own business."

Michael Collins said that his son did not understand why he could not wear the jersey and that no one had complained to him about it. He decided to take off the jersey and leave the game. Gordon escorted him off campus.

Collins said Gordon told his son the jersey was political and causing parents to complain.

On Friday, a news release from Harnett County Schools announced leadership changes involving Gordon's position.

According to the release, effective immediately, Catherine Jones, current principal at Harnett Primary, will serve as principal at Harnett Central High School.

Additional information about Gordon's employment status was not made available.


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