A Slice of Palm Springs in a Brooklyn Backyard

Posted June 20, 2018 8:35 p.m. EDT

The Springs

The wide-open desert of Palm Springs and its mod architecture are the themes of this bar and daytime cafe, which opened in May in Brooklyn, New York. Anthony Serignese, its owner, visited the California resort town just once a few years back, but it made a strong impression and planted the seed for an expansive homage.

“I’ve never had such a big outdoor space,” said Serignese, 40, who previously ran Out East in the East Village and Joe’s on the Upper West Side.

Though you won’t find California retirees or John Lautner homes, there is a surprising amount of room out back. Filling it up (while also leaving space for patch of grass) are U-shaped arrangements of patio furniture, a covered pergola and a fountain filled with floating pink flamingos.

The Place

Situated on a relatively quiet corner in Greenpoint, the Springs occupies a big, white cinder-block box with a green neon palm tree planted in the window. The interior resembles the lobby of a “Mad Men”-era office, with long angular couches and sleek tables that Serignese designed and custom built. The backyard is twice the size of the interior and tends to be where the action is when the weather is good.

The Crowd

By day, it has a family-friendly vibe, with young mothers nibbling on avocado toasts and egg sandwiches, their fancy strollers parked within arm’s length. At night, it’s filled with 30-somethings imbibing draft beers and sipping Aperol slushies. Despite the desert theme, the uniform remains very Brooklyn with a sea of black T-shirts, skirts and jeans.

The Playlist

Kitschy pop hits that span the ’80s to the aughts (think Salt-N-Pepa, MC Hammer and Miley Cyrus) dominate the Spotify stream here. On weekends, DJs play a more party-friendly mix that can result in spontaneous dancing.

Getting In

It takes a lot of people to fill the 7,500-square-foot bar and backyard, so there’s rarely a line to get in.


The light, fruity and refreshing cocktails (from $13) are perfect for a languid summer night. They come courtesy of Sarah Boisjoli, the beverage director who is also Serignese’s wife. Nearly 40 types of beer and cider are available (from $6). A food truck permanently parked out back serves freshly made snacks like meatball sliders and kale salad (from $8).

The Springs, 224 Franklin St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 347-227-7114; Open daily, noon to 2 a.m.