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A Pennsylvania man spoke to reporters about a dead body. Turns out it was his mom.

Posted June 10, 2018 7:21 p.m. EDT

— It seemed like an ordinary interview with a man reacting to a crime committed in his neighborhood.

The body of a woman had been found in a creek May 31, and local reporters descended on Bradford County, Pennsylvania, looking for answers.

A reporter from CNN affiliate WNEP-TV in Scranton found a man, Matthew Haverly, and began asking questions as the camera rolled. Haverly lived across the street from the crime scene.

"It's sad to say that that's someone's either daughter, mother or whatever," Haverly told WNEP. "I think it was some kind of a hit, and something happened. Something went bad, and this is like a rural area, so they just wanted to plant the body somewhere else besides wherever the hell they were from."

"It would be like a place where people from the city would want to put a body because most likely it wouldn't be found," he said.

But it turns out the woman found in the creek was Haverly's 60-year-old mother, Patricia, WNEP reports.

Haverly was arrested in connection with his mother's death hours after his interview, WNEP reports, after troopers uncovered evidence that led them to charge him. Pennsylvania State Police documents obtained by CNN say Haverly was charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse. The documents also identify the homicide victim as Patricia Haverly.

During his television interview, Haverly not only spoke as though he had no idea what was going on, but he also contemplated his mother's reaction to the discovery.

"I'm guessing my mother, she would be concerned. Probably a lot of the other neighbors would be concerned," he told WNEP.

Patricia Haverly's cause of death has not been determined, WNEP reports.