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A Parkland dad says he's been dreading another school shooting -- and it's happened again

Posted May 18, 2018 11:26 a.m. EDT

— This, says Fred Guttenberg, is what he's been dreading.

Since his daughter was killed in February at a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Guttenberg has been worried it could happen again while lawmakers debate reforms to gun laws.

And it's happened. This time in Santa Fe, Texas.

"Now, we have 8 more children dead and our leadership in Washington has done nothing," he tweeted. "We do not need thoughts and prayers, we need action and we need it now."

Only Guttenberg and others like him will be able to fully relate to the fear and anguish that parents of students at Santa Fe High School are experiencing.

Details are still slim, but two law enforcement officials told CNN there have been multiple fatalities in the shooting in Texas on Friday.

That brings to 22 the number of school shootings since the year began 20 weeks ago -- an average of one a week.

In that time, the White House announced a modest set of proposals that fell far short of the wide-ranging changes that President Donald Trump promoted in February -- such as, raising the minimum purchasing age on some guns or expanding background checks to gun shows and internet sales.

The Trump administration announced Sunday it would launch a commission to study school violence and look at ways to allow states to train teachers to carry guns.

"Teachers and students across the country are going to be scared to go to school," tweeted Hunter Pollack. He's the brother of Meadow, who died in the Parkland massacre on February 14.

"Our youth is the future of our country who needs an education to thrive. We need to secure our schools and give our educators and students the freedom they deserve to safely educate and learn."