A Natural Combo: Ice Cream and Coffee

Posted April 9, 2018 2:06 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK — An OddFellows Ice Cream outlet with a very particular focus — coffee and cream — is opening Wednesday. An assortment of drinks and confections featuring the combination of ice cream and coffee will be dispensed at the counter in the bright corner shop with swimming pool turquoise banquettes, where they will also serve the two elements independently. “I thought it was time to bring them together,” said Sam Mason, who owns OddFellows with Mohan Kumar. Andy Mullins is the coffee geek who figures out which coffees to serve and with what. Espresso with whipped cream (con panna) in flavors like saffron, riffs on affogato, cold-brew milkshakes, artfully layered café liégeois, and coffee soft serve are on the menu. Du’s Donuts provide something to nibble: Coffee & Cream by OddFellows Ice Cream, 55 E. Houston St. (Mott Street),