A Mother's Day poem for the world's greatest mom(s)!

Posted May 6, 2016 1:57 p.m. EDT

— All over the world, there are moms of all spots

Doing wonderful things for their wonderful tots.

The "Super Mom" sort, that's the name they deserve.

No two are alike; come along, let's observe:

An emperor penguin will toddle for weeks ...

50 miles to bring food back to little chick's beaks.

Orangutans cuddle, they can't be apart.

Six years, mom and baby will sleep heart to heart.

Maybe gators look fearful, but hold your alarm.

Behind mother's jaws, baby's safe from all harm.

Humpbacks are swimmers, they travel the sea.

Mama's milk won't run out, even when she's hungry.

And if you're a walrus, you'll wait for your calf.

They're pregnant for almost a year and a half!

But elephants, girl, are the toughest around.

A brand new ellie can weigh 200 pounds!

So it's clear, from the ocean way up to the trees,

to the faraway sands of some faraway sea,

there are so many mothers, from tiny to tall.

But YOU are the most special mother of all!