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A Boy Scout brought a novelty grenade to an airport. That's a no-no!

Posted June 7, 2018 12:29 p.m. EDT

— A Boy Scout should be prepared for anything. But if there's one thing you should definitely leave at home when you're flying, it's a grenade. Even if it's a toy one.

At least 18 flights were delayed at Hobby Airport in Houston on Thursday after TSA agents found what they thought was a grenade in a checked bag, Houston Airport spokesman Bill Begley told CNN.

After an investigation, agents discovered it was just a toy.

Authorities kept crowds of passengers outside a 200-foot radius of the TSA checkpoint until they removed the questionable object, CNN affiliate KTRK said.

Fortunately, no flights were canceled, Begly told CNN.

Tweets showed panic and fear from passengers as they waited for the all-clear.

The Boy Scout was not detained, KTRK said, and it's unclear if he or his parents will need to pay any fines.

Hobby Airport officials seemed to find some humor in what happened.

"Now might be a good time for a gentle reminder that there are items you CANNOT bring through security checkpoints," the airport tweeted. "Please double check this list before heading to ANY airport for a flight."

This has been quite the week for Houston's airports.

On Wednesday, Bush Intercontinental Airport dealt with a scare when a passenger said he had explosives in his bag. Turned out, he was just impatient.