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Outrage, protests, riots in Raleigh, NC, follow death of George Floyd

After the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, people across the country responded by taking to the streets to protest the latest in a sad series of deaths of African-American males at the hands of law enforcement officers.
Where many marched and chanted for change, some protests turned to riots, with windows smashed and stores looted.
More than 30 people were arrested across three days for actions in various parts of Raleigh. The vast majority of them were Raleigh residents, but four listed hometowns outside the state.
Raleigh was rocked for two nights by violence and vandalism that stretched from state buildings downtown to City Plaza and North Hills. In Fayetteville, looters streamed into a Walmart on Skibo Road and a group of people set fire to the historic Market House.
WRAL's coverage of the outrage, protests and riots continues below, with the most recent stories and video first.