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919 Beer: Bond Brothers Beer Company unveils expansion plans

Bond Brothers Beer Company, nationally acclaimed brewery in Cary, is ready to grow.

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Bond Brothers Beer Company has a devoted customer base in the Triangle and earned national buzz when it was voted "Best New Brewery in the Country" by a USA Today Poll in 2018. After three years of brewing their take on a variety of styles and being key part of a downtown revival in Cary, Bond Brothers is ready for the next step in their business plan.

Jay and Jeremy Bond, the namesakes of the brewery, joined the 919 Beer Podcast to discuss their upcoming expansion. Dubbed "Eastside," a space they have leased inside Eastside Park off Chatham Street in Cary, Bond Brothers will turn create a new tap room and the ability to double their production. Eastside will also feature guest taps of hard to find beers.

Eastside has always been in the plan for Bond Brothers, but the success of the brewery has accelerated the timetable. The additional coolers at Eastside will free up space at Cedar Street, which will allow more taps. The current plan is to add two dedicated sour taps, which will include styles such as barrel-aged and kettle, and a cider tap. Most importantly, the new space means Bond Brothers can push the envelope with beer.

"We have a lot of crazy ideas we want to do on our own," Jay Bond said.

Jay Bond on what Eastside will provide: "The catalyst for getting the space was primarily for cold storage, since that's been our pinch point at our original location on Cedar Street.

It's a 7,000-square-foot space we'll divide into four separate bays, including one for a clean barrel program. The tap room will differentiate itself from the original location in that we'll be able to experiment a little more with small batch releases. We'll also have two dedicated serving tanks that will focus on our sours. We also want to make Eastside potentially more 'adult friendly,' not that Cedar Street isn't, but it will be a small tap room and we can do some cool things with it. The hours will definitely be different in the initial stages."

Jeremy Bond on being part of downtown Cary's growth: "We have evolved with it. Everything the Town of Cary is doing is deliberate, and it's been years in the making. The goal was to max out the tap room sales on Cedar Street, and we're essentially at that point now."

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