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90-year-old veteran prepares for honor flight

A Mid-Michigan veteran is getting ready to take the trip of a lifetime.

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Brianna Owczarzak
ST. CHARLES, MI — A Mid-Michigan veteran is getting ready to take the trip of a lifetime.

The 90-year-old is heading to the nation's capitol free of charge to visit the memorials dedicated to people just like him who have protected the country's freedoms.

"I don't think I would have done anything different," said Bob Garrison, Navy veteran.

Garrison wouldn't change the four years he spent in the United States Navy for anything.

At 17 he was deployed to serve in World War II. At 19, a letter from President Truman brought him back for Korea.

"I survived. We had one close call. We got a PT boat and took one prisoner. The other ones wouldn't get in the boat so they were shot in the water," Garrison said.

At 90-years-old he has traveled around the world, visiting more places than he can remember. He has all of the stories to prove it.

Garrison said he is looking forward to his honor flight. The Honor Flight Network organizes trips to Washington D.C. for veterans to visit memorials and monuments dedicated to their service.

"We got all the forms and sent them in and I got picked and I couldn't believe it. I just am looking forward to it. It's coming up next week," Garrison said.

Along with 180 chosen veterans, Garrison will be flying from Traverse City to D.C. in an all expense paid trip with VIP tours.

Garrison said he is looking forward to spending time with other veterans and to travel once again.

"It's really great that I'm going on this trip because I love to fly and I haven't flown in probably 20 years," Garrison said.

His main goal is to see the WWII memorial for the first time. It is something that wouldn't have been possible without the Honor Flight Network.

Garrison flies out on Sept. 13.

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