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70 guns stolen in Garfield Heights home invasion

Posted October 4, 2017 4:39 p.m. EDT

— Approximately 70 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were taken during a home invasion in Garfield Heights last week, according to a police report.

On Sept. 29, officers were called to the 8370 block of Care Drive for a reported burglary.

The resident said he sleeping on the couch and was awoken by a gunshot. When he opened the front door to look outside he was approached by two unknown men armed with handguns demanding to know where his firearms were, police said.

"They came in and busted into the bedroom door grabbed me put me on the floor, grabbed him put him on the floor," the female victim told a 911 dispatcher.

According to the police report, the two men emptied out pillowcases and used them to load up the resident's collection of about 70 guns. Several thousand rounds of 9mm and .22 caliber ammunition, as well as a water jug filled with change, were also taken.

Detective Pete Stroe told News 5 the thieves knew the couple was gun collectors.

"The suspects told the homeowners, the victims, that somebody told them about the guns and the safes, so they knew to hit this house," Stroe said. "It's getting harder to get guns on the street now. You can't break into these gun stores anymore because they're pretty secure, so guys on the streets are looking for guns any way they can."

Detectives swabbed the victim's house for DNA and fingerprints. That information will be entered into a criminal database. Police hope they get a match that leads them to suspects.

The first suspect is described as a dark-skinned male in his early 20s wearing red pants, a red hooded sweatshirt and red shoes.

The second suspect is described as a dark-skinned male of an unknown age, wearing white, yellow and black shoes.