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6 ways to update home décor this spring

Spring is the perfect time re-evaluate your home's décor and color palette. After the long winter season, interiors often need a facelift.

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6 ways to update home decor this spring

Spring is the perfect time re-evaluate your home’s décor and color palette. After the long winter season, interiors often need a facelift.

Get inspired to freshen up your home with these six 2017 décor trends from interior designer and DIY television personality, Taniya Nayak.

1. Add timeless touches. Tasteful updates can help create an elegant family room that will never go out of style. Display heirlooms and vintage-inspired items, such as traditional candle holders or a vase, and pair with a modern color scheme such as white or navy, to achieve a tailored and timeless look in your living room.
2. Apply modern morphing techniques. Morph a wide-open space together with bold colors and patterns that help bridge the gap between rooms. Accomplish this with a large piece of geometric artwork or by utilizing color-blocking techniques to paint an accent wall, which tricks the eye as to where one room ends and another begins.

Before painting an accent wall, it’s important to tape off windows, doorways and trim to prevent splatter. One of the most important tools for any painting project is a premium painter’s tape, such as FrogTape brand painter’s tape, which is treated with patented PaintBlock Technology to help ensure your work looks seamless and to deliver the sharpest transition lines between the newly painted accent wall and adjacent walls.

3. Interweave textures and bold patterns. Be bold and embrace this indie-meets-mid-century trend to add character to a space. An easy way to attain this look is by pairing patterned pillows with deep, intense colors from an area rug. Or, take it one step further and create a wall design comprised of overlapping paint using rich shades such as blue, pink o red, for a truly authentic look.
4. Create luscious layers. Allow yourself to feel wrapped in luxury with this emerging trend. When creating a peaceful nest, immerse yourself in layers by integrating different textures and soft patterns in colors, such as blush pinks, creams and soft grays. Start by adding blankets and sheer drapery. Place a rug on top of carpet. Finish the look with ruffled pillows or a faux fur throw for a space that is cozy and chic.
5. DIY haute homemade projects. Elevate your home with handmade personal touches that bring comfort and warmth into a room. Go bold and paint stripes on an area rug, or give flea market finds a chic update with metallic paint. If you want to start small, try transforming an ordinary basic into a fun planter by painting the bottom with fresh white paint. For professional looking results, you can use FrogTape brand painter’s tape to achieve a crisp line.
6. Incorporate nature’s influence. Integrate fresh flowers and surprising pops of color, like yellow or teal, with natural finishes, such as wood, to create an unexpected yet whimsical look. Or create a statement accent piece by painting a nature-inspired pattern like florals or feathers. All you need is paint and painter’s tape to DIY a look that brings nature’s outdoor influence inside.

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Get started on your décor projects now so that you can ensure your home is up-to-date with the latest design trends.



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