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Cary baker's cake creation disappoints Triangle bride

Posted December 16, 2009 5:14 p.m. EST
Updated December 16, 2009 6:57 p.m. EST

— At most weddings, something small goes wrong – something for the bride and groom to laugh about later. For Kristen Halpern and Matthew Morgan, the thing that went wrong was bigger. Their wedding cake was a disappointment that was hard to swallow.

“I cried,” Halpern-Morgan said about the cake delivered by George Amaral. He operates Sorte Desserts out of his home in Cary.

After contacting several bakers and checking references, Halpern-Morgan paid him $345 for a wedding cake and groom's cake.

“It was supposed to be a three-tiered, square cake, black and white because that was our theme,” Halpern-Morgan said. She showed him a picture of what she wanted – a cake that  coordinated with her invitations, plates and napkins.

“He really seemed like it would be no issue, so I didn't think that it would be anything but this or something close to this,” she said.

The cake Amaral delivered was very basic, Halpern-Morgan said. “It's black and white and it's three tiers, which is fantastic and accurate. That's about all he got right was the colors and the shape.”

“We had a few people ask us if this was an ace, or if we were card players,” she said.

After the wedding, Halpern-Morgan repeatedly sent e-mail and called Amaral. He did not respond.

Amaral said he did not receive any of Halpern-Morgan’s calls or e-mails because he closed Sorte Desserts after realizing it was "not his thing."

As for the cake, he simply said he thought he had "creative freedom" to decorate it that way. Still, he immediately sent Halpern-Morgan a $345 refund.

She's just happy it's over.

“This was just something that really bothered me, and I just really wanted to have closure and hopefully avoid other people from making the same mistake and trusting someone based on photos and a Web site,” she said.