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Raleigh woman finds unclaimed money

Joni Alberg was given $1,700 in unclaimed cash being held by North Carolina's State Treasurer.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Samantha is quite comfortable sleeping in the sun. She has no idea about how the big bonus her owner got could help her.

Joni Alberg's "bonus" is unclaimed cash being held by North Carolina's State Treasurer.

When WRAL called to tell Alberg, she was understandably skeptical.

“I thought it was a scam. I was waiting for the ‘and if you send us $50, we'll help you get the money’ or something,” Alberg said.

But when Alberg called the treasurer's office, she found out it was not a scam. The money is very real…to the tune of more than $1,700.

“It was a huge surprise,” Alberg said.”I can't believe I let money sit out there somewhere for however long it's been.”

The money is from an old escrow account. It apparently got lost in the shuffle when her bank sold her mortgage.

So what will she do with the money?

“We've spent it 10 times at least,” Alberg said with a laugh.

But they've narrowed it down and at least one purchase may eventually benefit Samantha. Her veterinarian makes house calls. He took care of Samantha's sister - who died after battling diabetes.

The vet needs a roughly $300 piece of equipment that will help him test pet blood samples in homes. Alberg plans to buy it for him.

But what she really wants others to know - is that you should check the list for your name.

“I've heard of the NC Cash and they had the money there, but I never considered calling in or checking out to see. I just figured I'm sure we don't have any money there.I was wrong so I would definitely encourage everyone to take a few seconds…a minute…and just check it out.. ‘cause you could get a surprise like we did,” Alberg said.

Alberg’s money brings the total money found by Five on Your Side up to more than $263,000.

For more information on finding unclaimed money click here. You can also call North Carolina's Office of Unclaimed Property at 919-508-1000.


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