5 On Your Side

Sisters Stand Up, Complain About Undelivered Chairs

Posted January 23, 2008 5:54 p.m. EST
Updated January 23, 2008 9:34 p.m. EST

— Sisters Shirley Chason and Ann Dunn wanted to get some chairs reupholstered, but they wound up turning to 5 On Your Side when they couldn't get the job done on time.

Chason hired Herman Fisher, owner of Fisher Upholstery in Fayetteville, last August to redo two chairs for her living room, and she paid him $500 of the $1,000 total upfront.

Dunn paid Fisher another $545 to reupholster two of her chairs.

"He was very, very nice. He brought samples for me to pick out my fabric here. I didn't have to go up there and do it," Chason said, adding that Fisher told her the chairs would be ready in three weeks.

More than a month later, Chason said she stopped by Fisher's business to check on her chairs. He said he didn't have the material she wanted, she said, so she picked out something else.

Over the next two months, Chason said, she left repeated messages for Fisher but didn't get a call back. In November, with no chairs or estimated delivery date, she said she sent Fisher a certified letter asking for her chairs and a refund.

Fisher refused delivery of the letter, but she said he finally called her back a week later.

"I said, 'I want my money back.' I said, 'Just forget about the chairs,'" she said.

Chason said she hasn't heard from Fisher since. So, she called 5 On Your Side for help.

Fisher told 5 On Your Side that he said he would "love to finish the chairs for the ladies," but he said they told him in November not to complete the job. He said he doesn't think Chason and Dunn are owed refunds because he already stripped the chairs and bought the material.

He said part of the problem was that he he took on a job for a hotel that needed 700 chairs redone. Chason said that shouldn't have affected the work on their chairs.

Still, after speaking with 5 On Your Side, Fisher finished and delivered Dunn's chairs, and he agreed to return Chason's stripped chairs and her $500.

Chason said she has learned a lesson.

"I just trusted him right off. I just kept on trusting him, you know, believing what he told me. I was naïve, very naïve, I see now," she said.