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New Deck Pits Couple vs. Contractor

The back of Paige Briggs’ home is just asking for a deck.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The back of Paige Briggs’ home is just asking for a deck.

“A wooden deck with the steps going down and there would be a bench that would go all the way around the side of the deck,” she said.

Briggs was describing the plan Phil Piurkoski made for it. She hired Piurkoski's company, Dimensional Decking and Patio, in April. She paid him $2,000 of the nearly $12,000 total up front, she said.

“He seemed very straight up. He came up with this schedule,” Briggs said. “He said, ‘I add in three days for rain delay to every job, so I'm normally right on schedule.’ And so we were expecting him to be here in June and start.”

In May, Briggs and her husband, Paul, decided to buy another house nearby. She immediately called Piurkoski to ask if they could have the deck built there instead.

Briggs said Piurkoski was fine with it, but then they couldn't get him to meet with them.

“We weren't really in that big of a hurry, so I didn't really push every single day. But I would call him every other week and we'd set up something, and he'd call and cancel,” Briggs said. “Now he won't return any phone calls.”

Briggs said Piurkoski never mentioned anything about it being a problem to do the project at the new house instead.

“Oh, absolutely not. He was more than willing to come over here,” Briggs said.

So she called 5 On Your Side.

When 5 On Your Side called Piurkoski, he blamed the delay on having to come up with a new design. But when it was pointed out that it had been four months and he hadn't been to the new house yet, Piurkoski said, "I'll accept some responsibility for that."

He immediately called Briggs to come up with a resolution. He went to look at the new house Wednesday and promised a plan by the end of the week.

Briggs said she’s sorry it had to come to this.

“This was the furthest thing from my mind. The last thing I wanted to do was call and be on TV about this. But it was just the principle of him having our money and not calling us back,” she said.



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