5 On Your Side

Aggravated Customer Turns to 5 on Your Side for Help

Posted October 11, 2007 5:35 p.m. EDT
Updated October 11, 2007 9:42 p.m. EDT

— Lots of windows make a home seem open, but Rich Ardito said his windows were too open. That’s because they didn't have blinds.

He ordered blinds and shutters from Louver Designs in Wendell. In May, he paid owner Steve Apple about $1,400 – half of the total – up front.

Apple estimated delivery time at three to four weeks. When that didn't happen, Ardito called Apple, repeatedly.

“It's just excuse after excuse after excuse,” Ardito said.

Ardito said Apple then stopped returning his calls, so he called the Better Business Bureau. Apple then called, questioning that.

“I said, 'What else you want me to do?' So that's when he guaranteed me for two more weeks. ‘I'll have it guaranteed in two weeks’ “ Ardito said.

Two more weeks went by and still no blinds.

“This is pure aggravation," Ardito said. "I just get mad."

He lived with "temporary" paper blinds. Some didn't even fit the windows.

“Doesn't exactly look good, does it?" Ardito laughed. "But it served the purpose, but I didn't think I'd have them this long.”

After waiting for four months, Ardito called 5 on Your Side.

“I hate to come down to this, but what else are you going to do? I'll go down kicking and screaming before I lose $1,400," he said.

Apple had five complaints with the BBB over the last three years. When 5 on Your Side called him, he blamed his problems on suppliers and personal health issues.

He immediately called Ardito. What he wasn't able to do in four months, did just nine days later. He delivered and installed the blinds. Apple took care of shutters a week and a half later.

Ardito said he is thrilled his windows now have blinds.

“It's a welcome sight. I'm relieved. At least I have the blinds up now rather than those paper shades," he said.