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Garage Door Tests Repair Company's Skill

Nan Smith of Wake County is glad to be able to park her car in her garage. Precision Doors worked on it at various times since spring 2006.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Repairs done by professionals are expected to last, but a Wake County woman learned that warranties and professional workmanship don't always fulfill that expectation.

Nan Allen called Precision Doors when her garage door stopped stopped working in the spring of last year.

"The door would go half-way up and then jack up on the side, and I believe that the rollers were popping out on the side," said Allen.

She paid $150 for a Precision Doors repairman to install new rollers.

"I wrote him a check, and I assumed that it was going to be fine," said Allen.

However, Allen said she found herself calling Precision Doors again when her garage door malfunctioned in December. This time, she said, she paid $358 for a new garage-door opener and more expensive nylon rollers that came with a lifetime warranty.

"Less than a month later, I'm backing the car out of the garage heading to work and hit the control, and the door jacked up again just like it had jacked up twice before," said Allen.

A Precision Doors technician again blamed the rollers, Allen said. When she reminded him of the warranty on the rollers, the technician claimed to not recall installing them.

"When the man came out, he immediately started telling me how much more money it was gonna cost me, and I said, 'What about all the money I've already paid you, and my garage door is still doing the exact same thing it was doing when you originally came out,'" said Allen

Allen kept the receipt on which the installation of rollers is clearly written. She said that after she produced the receipt, the repairman left.

"So then I called them (Precision Doors), and I got no response. And then I wrote a letter, and I got no response. And then I had an attorney call them, and we got no response, and I called several times after that," said Allen.

When 5 on Your Side called Precision Doors owner Sam Smith, he said "I apologize deeply for this." Smith said he bought the business in April this year and was not aware of the situation.

Another Precision representative said the company tried to reach Allen for five months but didn't get a response, which Allen denies.

Smith sent a technician out to Allen's house, and he fixed her garage door.

"I can't believe it. It's been since Jan. 11. I can't believe it. Now I can do some work in my garage ... and park my car in my garage," said Allen.