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Woman Hopes to Hang Up on Wrong Numbers

Posted May 16, 2007 3:00 p.m. EDT
Updated May 16, 2007 6:22 p.m. EDT

— Most wrong-number calls are resolved with a simple explanation, and both the caller and the recipient go their own ways. But that hasn't been the case for Nancy Boykin.

Boykin bought a prepaid wireless phone from TracFone in February and said she started getting calls and voice-mail messages for Tiffany Shuler almost immediately.

"I have no idea who she is and never even heard of her until all of these calls started coming in," Boykin said. "I want it to stop."

Over the last couple of months, she has logged dozens of calls. Most of the calls are from three phone numbers, two of which connect to an Iowa-based photography company.

"It appeared that he didn't believe what I was telling him because he kept calling me back," she said.

After repeated conversations with the company, she said she was finally assured representatives wouldn't call again.

"Within 20 minutes after I hung up with them, I got another call," she said.

So Boykin started pressing the phone's "Ignore" button whenever she got a call from one of the numbers and called 5 on Your Side to get the ringing to stop.

Officials with the photography company told 5 on Your Side that Shuler is a freelancer they once used. They said they removed Boykin's phone number from their computer and every other possible file.

The third number that shows up dozens of times on Boykin's phone log belongs to a collection service that continues to call despite  her pleas to stop. When 5 on Your Side called the company, a spokeswoman said she would look into the matter.

After a call from 5 on Your Side, TracFone agreed to give Boykin a new cell number so she wouldn't continue to receive calls for Shuler.

Just how these companies got that phone number for Shuler remains a mystery. The cell phone provider that owned the number before TracFone told 5 on Your Side that it has no record of Shuler ever using the number.