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Video of 'Perfect Wedding' Still Missing for Bride's Mother

For a bride and her mother, the only memories of their wedding come from pictures. They are still waiting for the video of the wedding.

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A well-done wedding video can capture moments a bride may have missed, but after waiting almost seven months for a video, the mother of a local bride called Five On Your Side for help.

Tanya Ogburn just beams when she looks back at the pictures from her daughter's September wedding.

“It was a perfect wedding, perfect day for my daughter,” Ogburn said. “I was very proud that I could do that for her. I was just grateful that everything turned out the way it did. It was wonderful.”

The one thing Ogburn said she is still waiting for is the wedding video.

“It's just been very frustrating because I had no problems with anything else,” she said.

Ogburn found Solid Gold Sound online. The Cincinnati area-based company hires local videographers to tape weddings. Ogburn paid $670 upfront, and she said the videographer seemed to do a good job at the wedding.

“I felt very, very good about it. I had no qualms whatsoever that it was going to be a good video,” she said.

Ogburn expected to get the edited video within eight weeks. When it didn't arrive, she started calling Solid Gold Sound and e-mailing the company.

“I wasn't getting any response anyway I went," she said.

In early February, Ogburn received an e-mail saying her video would be mailed the end of the month. When she still did not have it after two months after that e-mail, she called Five On Your Side.

“I just want my video or my money. I mean that's basically it," she said.

Five On Your Side found that dozens of other people are having the same problem with the company. The Better Business Bureau has 67 complaints against the company in the last three years, of which almost half have to do with delivery issues.

Five On Your Side called Solid Gold Sound. Operations manager J.D. Clifford said the video would go out "by the end of April." As for the promise of a February delivery, he said he "didn't see a reason for the additional delay" but suspected it had to do with editor "turnover."

Ogburn said she just wants the company to turn over the video.

“I'm the type of person sometimes I let things go, but this was one thing. It's my daughter's wedding," she said. "It's a time she can look back on, see what kind of fun she had, kind of see everything in action that she didn't get to see and laugh and enjoy and show her children so I think it's very important.”

If Solid Gold Online sticks by what they told Five On Your Side, Ogburn should get the video this week. Five On Your Side will keep you posted. Ogburn was in touch with the videographer who taped the wedding.  He said he still has a copy of what he shot and said he can edit it.

Ogburn said she does not think she should have to pay again for something she already paid for and doesn't think that videographer should do it for free.


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