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Five On Your Side Helps Reservist Resolve Shipping Snafu

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WENDELL, N.C. — U.S. Air Force reservist Leslie Kirby spent most of her summer training at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas.

In August, when it was time for her to return home to Wendell, she sent two packages of belongings -- one with most of her uniforms and fatigues, as well as other clothing -- via United Parcel Service.

When the package never made it to its final destination, Kirby called UPS.

"They said it's been delivered and signed for, and I said, 'By whom?'" said Kirby.

UPS said the package was mistakenly delivered to someone in Knightdale.

"How could you mistake that?" said Kirby. "It clearly has my address on it. And it's a completely different address, different city, town is different, everything's different on it."

Kirby said UPS promised to trace the package. Two months later, Kirby said the company closed the case because they couldn't find the package.

"I felt irate," she said. "I was really, really upset, because they gave me the address and I actually went to see where this house was and I couldn't find it."

Kirby said UPS told her to send a list of contents and prices. Her total came to more than $600. But then, UPS said since the package wasn't insured, they would only pay $100.

"You sent my package to the wrong house," said Kirby. "You have the address. You can't find my package, and now I only get $100 for it?"

So, Kirby called Five on Your Side.

UPS spokesman Dan McMackin said it was the shipping company's "responsibility to reclaim" the package once it was misdelivered.

He added that the company didn't do a good job with follow-up and tracking. Because of that, UPS will send Kirby a check for $627.

"I'm glad they came around and finally realized that they made a mistake," said Kirby.

UPS said the issue would have been resolved a lot faster if Kirby would have had insurance.

That is generally good advice. WRAL, however, has found that some delivery services are reluctant to pay claims even on insured packages.

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